March 6, 2014

Well, here it is finally, the new site. It probably took longer than it should have to finish it up and I don't doubt that I will find some things I still need to fix but I am liking the look of it so far.


Nothing really major has happened yet in 2014 but I feel like I should recap my 2013 for anyone who doesn't know. 2013 brought a lot of stress for me in my personal life but luckily music-wise, it was all good news. In February of 2013 Conscious Object, my collaboration with rapper Reconsiderate, dropped our debut album Sourcery. The album featured a collaboration with one of my favorite emcees Kristoff Krane. Later in the year he would put this song on a mixtape of his. In March we played our first show, which was at Red Dragon TV. It was broadcast on the internet and is now available to watch in it's entirety on Youtube. More shows occurred throughout the year, including Make Music Madison on June 21st, when Madison's entertainment paper The Isthmus picked Conscious Object as one of 3 "highlights" from over 270 performances that day.


Later in the year I entered a remix contest for No Bird Sing's track Don't Think which featured Sage Francis. I didn't win but I did receive a bit of praise from Sage himself which was very cool. My biggest moment of 2013 came on October 22nd when Cage released his new album Kill The Architect which featured 2 songs I produced. I have been a fan of his for years so to have the opportunity to not only work with him but to be featured on the album as the only producer besides DJ Mighty Mi... it was quite literally a dream come true. So basically, music is the reason 2013 wasn't terrible (that and a good group of friends). 2014 will definitely see some new music and performances from Conscious Object. In fact, we have a show coming up on March 21st at The Wisco. Hope to see you there!

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